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I don’t know about you, but if I promise myself that big changes must be undertaken…they won’t be. Therefore I’ve never been one for the infamous New Years Resolution. I’d much rather ease into something than to resolve that this is the way it is going to be. Would you care to be privy to my former lofty goals? Most (well, all) involve mothering. While not necessarily NYR’s, I was adamant about these decisions. And I’ve learned that it’s ok not to be.

I was never…going to use disposable diapers. They’re bad for the environment! They are bad for my babies skin! They are…so much easier. Kudos to you cloth diapering mommas. Seriously. I wish I had it in me.

I was never…going to let my children watch television. Let’s just say thank you, maker of Baby Einstein, for that 30 minutes of delightful entertainment that allows me to wash dishes. Or sweep. Or accomplish a multitude of daily chores. I am forever indebted.

I was never…going to buy my kids toys with batteries included. Heck, they delight me half the time! And while my dear brother drove me to distraction with all of his boy noise when we were younger, I’ve learned that noise very often equals happy children, which very often equals a happy mother.

I was never…going to confuse my children by being consistent one minute and inconsistent the next. Consistency is key, they say! While they are right, I don’t believe a slip up every now is out of the question. Sometimes I’m just too tired. Sometimes I lay in bed at night and pray that I haven’t screwed up my kids for life. But I don’t think I have.

I was never…going to feed my children sugar. Ha! I don’t overdo it, but you have to have a little fun.

I suppose my motto is moderation. I would love to be one of the cloth diapering, no tv allowed, completely consistent, healthy-to-a-fault mothers. And I really think moms like that are amazing. I just flat out don’t have it in me at this point in my life, but despite it all, I think my kids are turning out alright.

Things that could use a little more help this coming year? Again, not turning these into full blown, do or die decisions, but here we go:

  • A little more organization and a little less wasted time to my day.
  • Finding a few more ways to be a “servant” to my family. Doing simple things that make them happy.
  • Partaking in some kind of muscle building, bone strengthening exercise. *Sigh*…osteoporosis runs in my family, and you know about the whole prevention thing being better than the fixing thing.

Well, I know I have more desires rattling around in my brain, but let’s not get overwhelmed, here!

Good luck on your goals, whatever they may be. But don’t be too hard on yourself. 😉