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I LOVE pomegranates, and although I might be the only one that doesn’t know this, I thought I’d pass it along just in case.

My only argument with the delightful pom is the incredible mess it makes. Seeds flying here, juice squirting there…it’s such a hassle. I (and everything around me) tends to end up speckled red. However, I caught a tip on the Early Show before Christmas, and it just made a world of difference!

Immerse your pomegranate in a decent sized bowl of water and score it with a knife, then rip right into her. You can pluck the seeds right out with your fingers-they end up at the bottom of the bowl, and the white stuff (I’m not food savvy enough to know what it is called) floats to the top. Voila! Scoop and toss the floaties, drain the water and seeds in a colander, and you are good to go! Took me a tenth of the time this afternoon, and absolutely no mess.

If you have youngin’s, call them red candies and (if you are lucky) they’ll help gobble them up. My youngest is crazy about them; my oldest won’t touch them with a ten foot pole. *Sigh* 50% success isn’t too bad, though.