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Have you seen the Feed the Pig commercials? Truth be told, they give me the willies. Not to swift on a life-size-human-pig-thing being my conscience. The message is good, though; it’s all about thinking before spending and keeping “saving” a priority (hence the pig, aka freaky piggie bank).

When Erick and I first moved to Virginia, I often thought of putting money in savings but didn’t figure 5 bucks a check would add up to much. We were paycheck-to-paycheck for the most part anyhow. We’ve never been big spenders and didn’t purchase needlessly, so I thought we were on the right track. What is that they say about hindsight?!

If we had put 5 dollars a paycheck away for the 5 years we were living in VA, we could have amassed 600 dollars by the time we left. Might not be much for some, but that’s no chump change for us!

Luckily (better late than never, right?) we were introduced to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course at our church. It was such a life changer. Let me tell you our first step-what really got us on the right track.

If you are anything like us, you have been planning what to do with your income tax return since, well, your last income tax return. Although recently we had to change things up since we need the money to live on day to day, for the longest time we had them take the max out so we could get a lump sum come the first part of the year (not the smartest thing financially, but we enjoyed it). Actually, we didn’t really get to put it to fun use-it always went to pay off credit card debt. And our credit card debt was never anything but car repairs. Those blasted car repairs!

A couple of years ago, the light clicked on when we heard Dave mention the first step in achieving financial peace was coming up with an emergency fund. Fortunately that tidbit of info coincided with receiving our tax return, so we plopped the money straight into the fund. Best decision we ever made! If a mini financial crises arises, we have the money available instead of falling back on credit cards.

We learned so much through DR…he’s been such an encouragement to us, and has really changed our thinking. I might post a money tip from time to time, but in the meantime head over to his site to gather some fantastic information.