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I’m a Jan Karon fan, and in the spirit of the many conversations Father Tim and Cynthia bat back and forth about their likes and dislikes, I figured I’d post a few of my own. Mainly because I’m hungry and would love to write about food. 🙂

We are a family of pasta-holics, and I am infinitely grateful to Barilla for coming up with Barilla Plus. I no longer feel completely guilty about consuming straight semolina, because you really seem to get your bang for your buck with this good stuff! Protein in pasta? I’m game! Actually, I almost gag when I go back to the regular noodles anymore.

Another fave has to be Smart Balance’s Natural Peanut Butter. I’m definitely a convert from the fake stuff, and can do just about any Natural PB…however, my hubby won’t settle for many brands of natural except for Smart Balance. I love the chunky type. I was reading in one of his Men’s Health mags lately, and it mentioned that the regular PB we’ve all been used to for so long actually has the same sugar paste in it that icing does. No Thanks!

One more foodie item-if you’ve never had ABC’s Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice Cookie, you are sooooo missing out. They are a vegan company, and although I’m not a vegan, I could convert if all food tasted this good. They are at every health food store in our area. YUM!

Well, this could last forever-I have too many likes! No time for dislikes today. I just might make this a regular post. Go curl up with a Jan Karon, and be inspired yourself. You won’t regret it!