I am all about my dislikes today. I couldn’t come up with any during my last post…but I’ve got one in particular for you now!

Static cling.

The bane of my current existence! I could Very Well do without static cling. It’s so cold and dry that the Downy Ball isn’t touching it. Not a dent. Well, maybe a little one, but it’s still there, still taunting me with its crackles and sparks. It’s the kind of cling where you pull out one piece of clothing from the dryer and everything else comes along with it! It did give us a little humorous break the other day, though. We were driving home and the boys were in the backseat, swinging their heads from side to side in their car seats, making their hair stand on end. They would look at each other and crack up. Too cute! (But I still don’t like it. No way.)


On an unrelated subject (completely!) I have to write down a few of Ry’s sayings before they slip away.

Nonnie: “Ryan, did you get that cookie yourself, or did momma give it to you?”

Ryan: “Nonnie, momma gave it to me. Think about it.”

Ryan in the kitchen, burning off his energy by zooming through the house: “Hey everybody in the living room! I COME for you!”

Nonnie: “Ryan, your hair is so pretty!”

Ryan: “Ryan is NOT pretty. Momma is pretty!”

All music to a mom’s ears. I need a notepad at-the-ready to copy them all down.

Oh, I might as well write these down also…his pronunciations of a few words that I never want to forget.



Ummm…see? There are about 10 others. I wish my brain worked as it did pre-children.