Some situations are pretty small. Things you can easily handle yourself (or rather…you think you can; we should go to God with everything though!) Other situations, however, you realize right off the bat that there is nothing you in your “humanly” power can do, so the whole she-bang must be turned over, in it’s entirety, at once! And it never, ever hurts to have prayer. Ever. From as many people as possible. (Hence this post.) 🙂

Firstly, please pray for R.H. God worked a mighty miracle last night in this person’s life, and although they probably don’t realize it, I’m sure that this particular drama could be turned into an incredible testimony one day. Please pray for R.H.’s broken heart and dear family. This desperate situation will hopefully be turned into a really, really good thing.

Secondly, although I don’t feel free as a bird to really discuss our particular circumstance right this minute, we (and other involved parties) would greatly covet your prayers for God’s wisdom, guidance, and peace in a sticky situation. While we hope for a certain outcome, sometimes God has something even better waiting for us than what we think is the best! I’ll let you know once it is all resolved. In His timing, of course!

Thanks, friends.