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I decided to go the supply route on Etsy because my crafty time is…limited. But MAN! I have been so inspired to create this week! I’m missing out on sleep because my mind is in creative overdrive. Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by all this great fabric. 🙂 I’m painting again, and mom and I just designed and created something today that I’m so insanely excited about. I’m going to see if Erick can watch the boys for large blocks of time this weekend so we can get things done. It’s hard to work for more than a few minutes at a time when the boys are awake…Jack has decided it’s fun to climb on the table! Over and over again. Ack! Nothing stops my (as of tomorrow) 15 month old! He doesn’t seem to understand “no”…and is stubbornly persistent. Completely different from Ry.

On the kid note…the boys are playing so well together. They actually started wrestling with each other this week. They like to tackle Daddy, but a couple of days ago they started tackling each other. It’s hilarious-I must get a video.

Oh gees, it’s 8:00 pm, and if I stay on the computer much longer I’ll be up all night. Already made that mistake once this week. I read somewhere that watching tv or working on the comp. before bedtime can keep your mind awake, and it certainly does it for me. I need all the sleep I can get. 😉