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Things that I would love to learn/accomplish/become incredibly adept at:

1. Playing the Piano. I dropped out of lessons in second grade, much to my current chagrin.

2. Take a ceramics class and learn to throw pots with the best of them. I think I would specialize in bowls and cake stands.

3. Become an incredible seamstress. Sew up lots and lots of pretty things.

4. Learn a language-possibly Italian.

5. Take a ballroom dancing class with Erick. (He’s up for this too, which is very good).

6. Delve into the digital arts. There is nothing more satisfying to me than holding a good ol’ paintbrush, but I am a bit fascinated by pixels.

7. Take painting lessons. I’d like to learn a few new techniques-right now my pictures are simple as simple can get.

8. Take drawing lessons. I can draw from a picture, but if I have an idea in my head, I’m not good enough to get it down on paper.

9. Learn to cook amazing things (and enjoy it).

10. Go to sleep every night with a clean bedroom. (HA!)

Anyone else have a list of their own?