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For shame! For shame! Not only were they neon, but I would layer them. On a good day, I would have yellow and orange and pink and green on all at the same time. Other days I would roll them, many times I would stuff the bottom of my jeans into them. And I so sported the side ponytail.

Willies, shakes and shivers! Please tell me someone else out there did the same. Course, I was in elementary school. And it was the “in” thing. Remember the bracelets you would slap on? Oh yeah, baby.

Only reason I thought of this was that my high school teacher-husband mentioned that…get this; sweat bands and skinny jeans are in. On boys. Skinny jeans on boys. When did I become so old and out of it? Only skinny jeans I want to see on boys should have the label “Wrangler” slapped on the rear and be accompanied by a pair of Cowboy Boots.

I can now, I suppose, understand why my parents thought my 3 inch high bangs were madness.