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As much as I’d like to be completely organized and make every day a theme…that just won’t happen here. But I would like to share another money tip with you-I’ve wanted to since this blog when I mentioned building up an emergency fund.

Erick and I received our tax return, and plopped the majority of it right into our online savings account (building up that downpayment for a house!). I would highly recommend one of those for either short term or emergency fund savings. Your interest rate will be much higher than your bank or credit union. Since the interest rate has fallen recently, we are only making 3.5%, but that is a heck of alot more than the .5% our credit union gives us. Or maybe it’s not even that high. Nothin’ like making money without having to actually do anything.

As much as I despise credit cards, we do actually take advantage of a cash-back card. We put all of our gas purchases on the card and pay it off every month. Last year we made a little over $100 bucks. Another good money maker…but do NOT use one of them if you only pay minimums. Interest will gobble up what you earn in quick order.

Enough on that subject today! I can only read so much about finances before my eyes bug out of my head.

Happy Monday, people!