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Yesterday when Ryan woke up, my mom told him that Daddy and Papa would be at home because of the weather, and that we would make waffles for fun. Ryan replies (with nary a breath inbetween):

“Maybe Papa will make me a really really really really big waffle and so I’ll need a really really really really big blog of syrup but then it will run out so we’ll have to go to the store. But not the little store, the big store. I want to go to Walmart and go through the big doors on my own. Nonnie? Can I drive myself?”

He is such a chatterbox lately!


I also wanted to share with you my momentous little moment. Yesterday I listed a few items to my new store, and literally, within minutes, I made a sale. Not just fabric, which is so awesome to sale, but a little painting. I think I grinned the rest of the day. Nothing like knowing that someone out there likes what you do! So goodbye, funky mod frond. I’ll miss you, and I bid you well as you travel across the states. You’ve been good to me!