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Yesterday my mom-in-law took the boys for the day.  It was So. Quiet.  I spent the morning fruitlessly trying to make some blog changes; oh, how I wish for knowledge!  I’m so un-tech savvy that it’s frustrating.  Blah.  I’m trying to add some buttons in my sidebar to no avail, amongst other things.

However,  I did spend a few good hours in the afternoon watching Cosby Show reruns-my mom bought a cd of the 6th season at Borders a couple of weeks ago.  I had forgotten why I loved that show so much!  What a classic.  We don’t have tv (well, cbs and pbs with the rabbit ears) so we don’t watch  many shows.  I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on much, but I would love to get the Cosby Show on dvd in it’s entirety!  Also, I started a new artsy project that I’m pretty pumped about.  I’m almost finished; once I can add a few final touches and take some pictures, I’ll post it.

Dad had to be *towed* out of a pothole yesterday.  Towed!  I swear, you could disappear into some of the potholes around here!  Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw.  That’s all we’ve done lately.  Here’s a picture taken last week.  Fortunately it’s rained a bit, so we’re a few inches lower…but can you believe this?!

Come on Spring!

Time to get busy.  🙂