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I was exceptionally proud of Erick for pointing out our newest purchase last Saturday as we were dashing from store to store in order to find Easter clothes for the boys. I’ve always wanted a big ampersand to nest in between oversized black and whites of the boys….

Now we need to find the house to hang them in. 😉 We are still and always on the search; in our price range things fall from either unlivable to waaaayyyyy out in the boonies. Out of the last 3, one house looked very well built, but it’s backyard was crumbling. Literally. A retaining wall had to be built in order for there to be a backyard of any kind, and it had completely collapsed. Number 2? Picture looked promising. We pulled up to peek in the windows, and Erick actually found an open door. I was too much of a wienie to go in, but he was full of mischief and did a zoom-through. Most of the ceilings were collapsed. Number 3? Joy of joys! Looks great, has land! Unfortunately, you need to own a 4×4 with a plow on the front, because it’s a dirt road to get there, and the driveway was about a half-mile long. Unless a truck appeared overnight for the Murrays, neither of us are too keen on shoveling snow hours on end.

Speaking of houses, if you haven’t noticed them yet, head on over here and here to check out these home remodels posted on Design Sponge. Love Love Love. Talk about inspiration!

Happy Tuesday!