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Erick decided he would like a “boys day” with Ry and Jack today, so I took off with mom and dad to go furniture shopping (they are pretty serious, I’m still dreaming at this point!) We drove to Ellsworth and had a really fabulous day-it started out wet and drizzly but dried right up before we hit the streets. Spent a good portion of time downtown and discovered the Daily Grind. Wow! Art shop and coffee shop all in one. It was incredibly inspiring. I have some fave new artists and plenty of house decorating ideas! I also took a few pictures; I’m getting a little more interested in photography lately. I’d go back and change some angles, maybe do a little digital tweaking to them. But it’s a start.

Tomorrow, Erick and I are headed to Rockland, woohoo! He has a conference to attend and I’m going to tag along. There is no way I’d miss it…it’s at the Samoset Resort. We went last year but had Jack in tow. This year it’ll be the two of us because Nonnie and Papa are just so stinkin’ awesome; they’ve offered overnight babysitting services. I’m half thrilled and half sad; I’ve spent a couple of nights away from Ry, but this will be the first night away from Jack. And he is a major mama’s boy. Did I mention he spoke his first sentence last week? I don’t think I did! Erick and I skipped to town, and while we were away, he said “Mama gone gone, Daddy gone gone.” My baby is growing up.