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We had the house inspection last night, and the inspector pointed out that deer had been nibbling at the bushes. Ack! I would love to have a vegetable and flower garden…anyone out there know the tricks of the trade to keep critters out? Good, healthy, organic ways?

Other than that, it all looks pretty good. A few changes here and there that don’t seem to be too costly. Oh, but for the sake of ugliness (and my sanity), the dry wall will actually need to be replaced, and the carpets have GOT to go. Money is already a-slippin’ through our fingers. But that’s what it usually does, right? We are determined to keep enough back for our emergency fund, even if it will sacrifice the better appliances for the lesser ones. (Yeah, it needs all new appliances, too. They even took the shower head!) In the end, though, our realtor and inspector are sure that we’ll have automatic equity since we are getting the house for such a good price.

Gosh, I’m excited. I really am! It’s getting closer!

Oh, and it reached 70 degrees today! Absolutely had to mention that. Praise Jesus. And Goodnight!