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It is the strangest thing to go back to where you were raised.  Anyone else ever feel that?  It’s as if you have lived multiple lives, and although you are “you” it feels as if that you isn’t really this you at all.  But being here in New Mexico, it feels that Maine is another world away, even though Maine truly is my life right now. Hmmm. ‘Scuse me while I sort my thoughts!

Anyway, the flights to the land of my birth were…amazing.  Not a hitch, not a delay, and the boys were absolutely, positively fantastic; until we were driving from Lubbock to Clovis and they decided to just let loose.  Their poor Uncle Glenn, driving home amidst a cacophony of squalling toddlers. A christening of sorts.

It’s Wednesday morning, and so far I’m incredibly glad we came.  There is always a sense of trepidation in coming home, especially with kiddos…but seeing family has been wonderful!  No one from this side of the country had met Jack, so everyone is delighting is spending time with the great-grandkids. The boys have also experienced a wealth of new things; I can’t wait to post some pictures!  First time discovering dirt (seriously…they know all about beach sand and mud, but not so much about dusty dirt), first time flying a kite.  

Well, it’s coffee time. And then we are headed to the zoo (another first). I can’t wait to report about that one! Have a good week, friends. 🙂