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This morning I sat Jack down at the table with a bowl of Grape-nuts, then commenced to wander to the kitchen and talk to my mom. Jack was still in my sight, but I obviously wasn’t paying him any attention, because after a few minutes I turned around and there were Grape-nuts EVERYWHERE. Yards away, mind you. On the table, under the table, by the stairs, stuck to his hiney, down his pajamas, further than it seemed they could have possibly been flung. This child will end up a world-class baseball pitcher someday, and I’ll be the proud momma claiming “It all started with the Grape-nut incident…”

OK! Happy Post today. It’s Friday (good thing), mom and dad discovered a humdinger of a sale at Home Depot yesterday (they are moving buildings…good timing for our move, I’d say), and I’m just not stressed about the whole housing/loan thing. Whatever will happen, will happen. And certainly there is some misunderstanding in the fact that we would actually have to remove boxes from the basement before the loan is approved. And if that is the case, certainly the rest of it is a misunderstanding, also. Hopefully we’ll receive a final word today.

Well, time to play with my boys. I might get the urge to post again today-I usually do! But if not, TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend!