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Yeah, well…we have no idea. Still no word.

I’m just tired. It’s been a weepy kind of day, and weepy days always make me sleepy. However, with the weepy-ness comes a peacefulness, because God has never let us down. Even through trials, He has always revealed His glory. This house or no, it’s gonna be ok.


On a completely different note, here are a few new goodies I worked on this weekend:

These are actually mini canvases on mini easels. I love the mini factor!

Had this paper lying around for awhile, and decided to turn it into magnets…

And my first dishtowel attempt! I’ve wanted to make one for a long time, so I hemmed up some fabric, added a ribbon to hang, and appliquéd the fabric.

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be a good one!