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Funny, I look at my title and it appears to be in a foreign language. I think I’ll keep it anyway. 🙂

Last Sunday, I decided to transfer our house down payment money from our online savings account to our credit union. I rarely transfer money this way; it usually goes from our CU to our savings! Therefore, I was obviously not paying attention because I, instead, do what I always do. I pushed the “regular” button, trying to transfer a hefty sum of money from the Credit Union to the Online Savings.


Come Monday I have a 22 dollar fee on my Credit Union account, followed shortly by an email from our Online Savings Account, stating that the funds were not available, so they would automatically try to withdraw the money again. Noooooo! I called Online Savings, spoke to about 7 people over the course of 3 days (and don’t get me wrong…I think accents are incredibly charming until you are dealing with a serious situation and can’t understand a word that they are saying), all who told me that there was nothing they could do. That they couldn’t stop the computer from making the second attempt (what?) and that once the second attempt was made, my account would be frozen. Hahahaha. (I tend to try and laugh in the face of adversity).

Therefore, in order to receive my money, I would have to have a check overnighted. So, you know, between credit union fees and the overnight fee? Yeah, that was an expensive mis-click. Fortunately my CU waived one of the $22 fees. I love small town friendly people.

It’s not over yet…I have to call again today to see about un-freezing my account. (They couldn’t just make a note of it and prevent the freeze, because obviously their computers are smarter and more stubborn than their human counterparts). Seriously though…if they made a mis-click, I can bet you they’d figure out a way to override the system!


In other news, it’s BEAUTIFUL here! Sunny and warm…yesterday, in order to tear myself away from standing by the computer and phone and obsessively checking my email for house news, mom dropped dad off at work so we could have a car, and we took the boys to Bucksport. Grabbed bread, cheese, and fruit for lunch, sat by the dock, and let the boys through rocks in the water. Then we walked to their completely charming ice cream shop and shared a soft serve sundae, followed by a stroll through an equally charming gift shop in which I purchased an adorable granite whale-shaped (made in Maine) trivet for my soon-to-be kitchen. It was a wonderful reprieve from the everyday.

Whew, sorry about all the long sentences!

Time to do laundry. 🙂