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Ok, ya’ll.

I am a paypal user, but just switched to RME, and hope to give most of my business to these guys…because frankly, it’s free.

If you have ever sold anything using paypal, you know all about the fees you incur (they aren’t outrageous, I’ll give them that). But I’d rather deal with no fees at all. Through my interior design etsy team, I learned about Revolution Money Exchange, and I’m noticing quite a few more etsyians are signing up for it…and I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Here’s the cool thing. I just signed up about 5 minutes ago, and they gave me an automatic $25 bucks. And if YOU click on the little green button in my sidebar, and proceed to sign up yourself, it will not only give you the $25 bucks, but it will give me $10 as well. I have no shame. I’m buying a house. My stomach is in KNOTS about the price. And an extra ten bucks here or there could come in verrrry, verrrry handy. And so while I’m sounding like a cheesy promoter, you know, that’s ok. I am laying down my pride. Only thing is you have to sign up by May 15th in order to receive the sign-up bonus. Just so you know. 🙂


We hopped over to Home Depot tonight to get estimates to give to the lenders to get our money in escrow, yada yada. My brain is such mush! I should really be in bed! So here I go.