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Let me share with you!

Delightful Thing #1?

I am sipping on an incredible iced coffee that I just threw together. Replete with whipped cream on top.

Delightful Thing #2?

The Carnival for Modern Home Dwelling has begun! Go here for the first installment, and prepare to be terrifically inspired. Thank you Sarah, for this fantastic idea!! We are in for a super week!

Delightful Thing #3?

Have you ever made a blog friend, only to be saddened that you couldn’t pop over for a face to face conversation because you lived too far away? That happens to me all. the. time. I’ve even made blog buddies here in Maine, but because of my lack of transportation (we are a one car family), getting together would be a mite difficult.

Well now. God decided to turn that trend on it’s head, because not only did He introduce the lovely Debbie into my life, but turns out she is just down the road a piece. A very minuscule piece. And she hails from Texas originally, so we were neighbors earlier on in life, too! And she has a newly formed website, which you will fall head over heels in love with, entitled The Romantic Mom. It’s chock full of super ideas and inspiration. She’s in the midst of writing a book, which I’m going to be the first to buy! We are getting together with her family very soon for a Tex-Mex feast. I’m thrilled. And you will be too, even if you won’t have the priveledge of meeting her face to face. Her site will draw you right in!

Well, nap time has begun! Time to get to work finishing my pillow covers so I can HOPEFULLY pop them up here for you to see very soon!