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We had a late start Saturday. As in…well, a very late start. We only had 2-3 hours to work on the house because Erick had to attend graduation at his high school, and the rest of us didn’t want to make it a late night. We accomplished quite a bit, though! And we absolutely had the best help in the world, donned with safety glasses…

Ryan actually worked for 30 straight minutes helping Papa tear down the fake brick in the kitchen. My HEROS!!

In the meantime, Jack was the most excellent help of all, sleeping right through everything (for about 45 minutes. But hey, we’ll take what we can get!)

Mom and I peeled away more wallpaper, and Erick wrapped up the broken pipe business. I’m so impressed with his efforts. From complete beginner to master…we are now water-tight! Nothing comes without an oopsie though…he had forgotten about this break until it leaked all over the place. Notice how the former owners carpeted over carpet? And over fat shaggy carpet at that!

After E headed onto graduation, we finished up and headed to the lake (2 minutes away!) for a dinner of fish and chips and ice cream. Perfect end to a productive day…

We had such beautiful weather this weekend. Yesterday was lovely as well, and Grammie joined us at the house for a little more reno. I peeled away the remainder of the kitchen wallpaper, and mom and dad pulled up the carpet in the living room. On a complete side note, I have this pretty terrific garden plot in the backyard that is FULL of these plants. Does anyone have the slightest clue what they could be? It’s absolutely overgrown (no one has lived in the house for 2 years). I’d actually like to turn it into a veggie garden next year, but want to know if I should salvage this stuff…

Around 3:30 we went to a family member’s graduation party, then struck out for the G’s place. The kids were thrilled to see each other again, and Erick and I were grateful recepients of a king sized bed and washer and drier from their storage unit. Whoopie! Deb and I looked through magazines and dreamed big dreams while sitting on the deck in the Adirondack chairs. Bliss, I tell you.

The kids ended the day with a round of strawberry ice cream. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Have a happy week! 🙂