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The boys and I are taking a much-needed day off today. And possibly tomorrow-can’t get much work completed with two little ones running around a construction zone anyway. 🙂 Erick actually works amazingly well and quickly without any distractions around; I hope to see the house finished by the time Saturday comes! (I wish. OH, how I wish).

In reality, although it still looks like a tremendous un-livable mess, things are starting to come together. On Sunday, even though we were too worn out to go to church, we sent a note asking for help and people came out in full force. Oh my. One family in particular has been there every afternoon and evening since Monday and has not only provided help, but as also provided food. 5 other friends have come to offer assistance too. People are just flat-out awesome. Makes me want to get out there and help people, too! Our living room floor and hall are almost finished with the new hardwood flooring…it’s purty. I think as soon as the floors are completely done and we have at least one coat of paint on the walls it’ll feel like a new place. The walls look particularly horrendous right now and I can’t wait to see them cleaned up a bit!

In other news, I think I’ve talked Erick into planting a weeping willow in our backyard. I adore weeping willows; how romantic are they? They just beckon you to come sit underneath and read a book during a lazy afternoon. They are incredibly fast growing and really soak up water…we have a small water problem in our basement (who doesn’t?) but if we planted the tree relatively near the house (not too near, of course) I’m thinking that it might soak up some of the moisture that would normally make it’s way into our home. That obviously might not happen, but I’d still have a lovely tree to gaze at and to dream under!

Well, time to whip mom and dad’s house into shape. It’s gone sorely neglected for awhile, so I’m going to hit it hard this morning then spend the remainder of the day relaxing and playing with the kiddos. And possibly posting more posts. We’ll see. 🙂