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but I just can’t help myself. I can’t stop shovelin’ in my favorite chips…Cape Cod Jalapeño and Aged Cheddar. It’s akin to sweet torture-sometimes I get a bag that is so hot I break out in a sweat; I’m currently in one of those situations and it’s going to take me a year to finish this post for all of the breaks I take to chomp on another one. Crazy? I know! I don’t understand it myself!

(3 bowls of chips later…)

Ok. Must stop snacking.

Yesterday Erick and I drove the boys to their Grandma’s, and seeing as though they railed and hollered all the way there, we decided we’d definitely be taking today off again, and I’ll be staying home with the kids on Monday and Tuesday. They just can’t take this back and forth while we work on the house, poor dears.

We didn’t accomplish much in the way of renovation, but mainly cleaned up yesterday. And I finally figured out why I’ve been in the doldrums a little bit when it comes to all-things-house…it’s that for years I have wanted a place to make my nest, to decorate…and we just aren’t at that point yet. We are at the prep point, wherein everything looks like a disaster. It makes me a bit mad (as in crazy, not furious). And speaking of a bit mad-looking at my popcorn ceilings makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out! Arg! I am oh so tempted, everytime I am there, to take my spackling knife and scrape, scrape, scrape away. And then I tell myself “No, Jennifer, No. Imagine the mess. Imagine the aching back. Imagine the time it would take.” That brings me back down to earth a bit, but someday friends, I WILL conquer those ceilings, and I WILL reward myself with spectacular, tasteful crown moulding all through the house. Of course it will require the boys stay with grandparents for a full week, and that we spend money galore on drop cloths to cover everything, and we will also have to visit our chiropractor for regular visits after that. But it would be SO worth it. (My mom scraped her living room ceiling, and it looks awesome).

One of my hopefully sooner rather than later dreams has nothing to do with the house, but with myself. I’m ready to feel like a girl again! I wear the same pair of work jeans everyday…jeans that have holes in the knees and are wearing dangerously thin elsewhere. A cruddy shirt, and my Croc knock-offs. My sorely neglected hair has been in a pony tail day in and day out for months, because I have not had a cut in way too long. Therefore, I truly need a new hair style, a new outfit, painted nails, and a night on the town. In a really desperate way. *sigh*

Well, for weeks my camera battery charger was misplaced. Now it is found, and I have pictures ready to post, and I can’t find the picture downloader thingy. Such is life. As soon as I find it I have more posts to posts! Concerning a rascally young boy who has been in the thick of mischievous-ness again, and has been caught on tape. It never ends, friends, it never ends.