Well, Tuesday at 10:00, the loan appraiser will come to appraise; if everything pans out then we will soon get our money taken out of escrow hostage (eek! needed badly by now!) Then at 1:00, the Town appraiser will come to assess our house, determining how many bucks we will have to shovel out in taxes (double eek!) The day could have a very very good turnout, or a very very bad one I suppose; we are obviously praying for the good!

We received a letter today stating that our economic stimulus check is on it’s way, but it’ll be $600 less than we thought. I guess we were under the assumption that 2 adults and 2 kids equaled $1800, but apparently not. Boo! But such is life… Now that naptime has arrived, I’m going to sorrowfully put away my Cottage Living magazine that just came in the mail, and start whipping out more pillow covers. No time like the present to try and earn a little extra!

Oh, whee…I hear Jack. He’s been down 10 minutes. Such is life, again, right? But all in all, I’ll take it! 🙂