No Rhinestones for us…and we are definitely the drugstore type of cowboy; not the real thing like Great Grandpa!

But momma insists we have a little of the old west for her sake, so these hats have to do; plus they keep the sun off real good for strawberry pickin’.

And pick we did!

Makes for alot of work, but oh.so.worth.it.

And whaddya think momma should do with the strawberry containers? She thinks they are just too cute to throw away! She says ideas are welcome!

After strawberry preparation and nice long naps, we made pizza.

But not your typical pizza…especially for cowboys. It kind of grossed us boys out at first, until we were talked into having a bite, and then we loved it. Informal recipe? Pesto, grilled chicken, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers. And oil the durn pizza pan-no spray can for this one. The oil made the crust super light and yummmmmy. Yeah. We were pretty surprised we liked it. But ya know what we liked better? Strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream for dessert! But since momma and daddy were wolfing it down in order to saunter to the community movie theater to see Prince Caspian, there wasn’t any time to take pictures of that delightful meal. So you’ll just have to imagine it.

Go pick ya some strawberries and make yerself a pizza. You won’t regret it, pardner.