So far as I hear it, this must be second child syndrome. As in you can’t turn your back for one minute. As in as soon as things get quite, you best get worried. All day, people, all day. I’m constantly on guard with this little rapscallion! This is just a snippet-only 2 pictures out of the 20 messes/near disasters in one day.

Mom is on the phone with Nonnie and Papa, and he finds the bag of m&m’s. And eats lots of them. 20 minutes before bedtime. Can you say sugar high?

And this is his favorite new trick, especially with “no hands”. Yeah. He turned the stool upside down to stand on the tiny legs.

Thing is? He is SO DARN CUTE. Ryan can definitely talk his way out of things (he is incredibly good at trying). Jack charms his way out of things. Or attempts too, anyway. Oh these boys!

This is J’s new word…he has had momma and daddy and papa and nana (banana) down for months, but is mainly into sound effects. But this one? It stuck. And it’s unbearably cute to his mother.