I don’t feel nearly as tired since I just read this amazing article on Jenny and Rob’s renovation. Our house? No Sweat!

Good news…appliances are purchased! The whole shebang, too. Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher and Microwave. And the great thing? Erick pulled a Dave Ramsey, offered cash (take it or leave it, friends!) and we ended up paying about 300 dollars below the original price. (The original prices weren’t too shabby, so we were thrilled to come out even better!) It was a fun day; we took Miss Ashley along and she kept us laughing the whole day. Nothing like good friends. 🙂

The stinky news is that we won’t have our goods delivered until August 9th. Our new target move-in date is next Saturday, so that will leave us without a kitchen for 2 weeks. However, we do have a small 2 burner cookstove from Erick’s mom, and a microwave. We’ll try to hunt down a mini-fridge, but if we can’t, we’ll just fill a chest with ice. And probably live off sandwiches for quite awhile. Once the appliances are in, we’ll figure out the cabinet and countertop situation. Maybe I’ll have a complete cooking space by Mid-August.

Erick is at the house with Peter today, installing new floor trim and adding some wainscoting. Hopefully the bathroom will be ready to be painted next week. OH! Found out that we have very work-able stairs under the old grungy carpet, so that’s good news! We’ll prime and paint and eventually add a runner.

Gettin’ closer everyday. 🙂

Happy Weekend!