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This weekend we did a teeny tiny bit of this,

and every once in awhile a breeze would pick the bubbles up and fling them into the air; up, up and away, quite possibly to greet these fellas…

(see him? little to the left of the center) It was a beautiful day, so these guys took advantage and jumped a few times, darting in and out of clouds, which was quite a sight to behold. SOMEday, I wish to join them. Skydiving is a dream of mine, and when you see it pretty much daily during the spring and summer, it’s that much more tempting. They are so close that you can hear their whoops and hollers and hear their parachutes catch the wind.

Speaking of being in the clouds, Seth, who is the fantastically talented husband of fantastically talented Amanda, painted this picture which is my current favorite…he practically painted one of my dreams (yes, I have dreamt I was a man before, more specifically Bruce Willis, and I very often am flying or jumping through the air for long stretches at a time).

I think, after all of this house hullabaloo, I’ll be ready to take to the clouds!