Wow…I can’t even begin to describe the wealth of emotions I’ve felt over the last few days.  This is our…what day is this?  Ok, it’s Wednesday, and we have officially been here since Friday night.  I’ve had really high “highs” and really low “lows”; highs coming from the possibility that I see in this house, and lows coming from what it is now, plus a healthy dose of homesickness.  Arg.  We all do miss our other little town to the core.  Another thing that would truly help my mindset is if we could eventually purchase another car; that way I could get out and about with the boys.  I feel a little trapped here.  It didn’t matter at home-it was such a “walking” town.  Walk to get ice cream, to the library, to Reny’s, to the movies, to the parks; we have wonderful parks here, but we aren’t on a walk-able road.

It’s difficult keeping the kidlets entertained, because there are still tools everywhere and danger lurks around most corners.  Jack has broken a ceiling fan globe and fell down the stairs on his tricycle.  I have no storage yet-we aren’t buying new cabinetry until our appliances come, and the old cabinetry, what is usable of it, is full of tools (always tools! they are taking over!)  We just purchased paint last night to paint our closets before we put our clothes in, so those are scattered about.  Erick and I are both a little crazy in all of this disorder, but discuss quite frequently the fact that we will not let it get the best of us and end up becoming crabby with each other.  There will be an end.

I do see great possibilities for this house.  We probably won’t be here forever, and although I always wanted to “nest” and settle down for a good long while, I have discovered as of late that I have the urge to wander.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but we met the original owner of the house (who was LOVELY), and found out that she sold the house to the previous owner for twice what we paid for it.  That was about 4 years ago.  If Erick and I stay here a year or two, I think we could make a pretty profit from the whole deal, even if we didn’t sell it for as much as she sold it for.  So I do believe we made a wise investment.

I’m feeling good right now-high spirits and everything.  The boys are at grammy’s, Erick is at work, and mom and dad are going to whisk me away to Freeport today.  Oh, Joy! I’m so excited.  We’ve figured out a way to finagle our finances a bit in order to do more for the house, so I’m going to see about purchasing some bedding amongst a few other boring but necessary things.  Should do my heart good to lay in a pretty bed at night. 🙂

I’m now online for good!  Posts should become more frequent, as long as I can get them in when Jack naps, because I can’t tear my eyes away from him while he is awake.  😉 Have a happy day, friends.