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Did I ever mention this?  I don’t think I did.  And since I can’t upload any recent pictures because of the MIA cord, I thought I’d show you this mishap.  Took place a few weeks ago, and actually inspired me to just go ahead and paint the durn floor.

It was compliments of Jack.  Although it wasn’t really his fault; momma set the gallon of paint on a box in the kitchen and he bumped it.  I should have known better.  BUT I’ve always wanted to paint a wood floor, and we were going to have to refinish and stain this floor to match the new stuff throughout the rest of the house anyway.  When my mom mentioned we should just paint it…voila! Happy accident!  I’m going to go with a very, very light blue-grey, I think.  One of my favorite Cottage Living Issues featured an amazing cottage re-do, right here in Maine on Peaks Island.  It was white, white, white, with blue floors and an apple green kitchen.  Simply amazing-I wish I had a scanner and I’d show you!