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Saturday we took our trip; although I always hestitate to leave Maine because there are SO MANY places to visit, mom and dad took Erick and I to Portsmouth, NH for the day.  They had become very friendly with the area this summer and wanted to share a little NH love with us.  And what a day!  Actually, I was so inspired by, well-everything, that I’m seriously considering starting another blog.  Dedicated to all-things-house.  Because boy, I couldn’t stop snapping pictures, even though 98% of them were taken through the car window as we were driving by in the pouring rain.

We really did have a lovely start to the day and were enjoying the sunshine on our shoulders until about 4pm when the heavens decided to let loose.  Pictures will testify:

mom and dad walkin’ the streets in the morning

and then huddled under a tree for protection from the downpour (smart, right?)

That box Erick is holding became affectionately known as “Rod”; we purchased it at City and Country right off the bat.  40% off, and pretty enough to hang our living room curtains.  But he was kind of cumbersome to lug around.

And check out the shop we purchased it from; inspiration around every corner!

well, there are more corners than that, but my older than the hills PC is once again showing some pretty poor picture quality, and if that is the case on your end, too, I don’t want to continue to offend your eyes.

I do have scads of house pictures that, if I decide it really is too insane to start another blog, I will share here shortly.  It was just pure goodness, and I can’t wait to go back and visit.