Nothing like a good joke and laughing baby videos to boost the spirits!  Thanks girlfriends!

I felt better after blogging about the whole house situation yesterday.  I know that I have more ups and downs to come, but I also have Joy in the Lord which is constant.  Thankfully. 🙂  And great friends to lift me up!  And this weekend, we are going to work like crazy to get some house things accomplished.  Hopefully I’ll actually have a kitchen sink and a dishwasher.  Maybe we’ll get our room painted and some half-walls completed.  And then in the next weekend or two, there is nothing that I’d love better than to escape with my guys to a little hotel on Route 1 and just forget anything but relaxation.  We’ll see.  Maybe we’ll just pitch a tent.  Some downtime would be a good thing!

Have a great weekend…and maybe I’ll have some new house pics to post next week?  Here’s hoping!