Sea Spray Blue, I guess you could say, is what truly, I think, began the “thaw”.  That and your lovely stories and advice and encouragement (oh good grief, here I am, starting to tear up AGAIN, but this time they are relieved, happy tears…)

To start over, Erick painted the majority of our kitchen/dining room/living room on Monday (the aforementioned blue), and since then I’ve felt the tiniest little flicker of “I think I can really, really like this house” begin to break through.  Sounds crazy, but this morning in the shower it occurred to me that purchasing this house is almost like an arranged marriage (stay with me), in that we “married” it out of practicality, (and definitely have no choice but to be committed), not out of smitten love and devotion, but because it was what seemed best for us at the time.  And, you know, just as you can slowly learn to love a person (even if it isn’t necessarily of your choosing), I am downright determined that I am going to Love this house.  Love it.  Pour my dreams into it.  I’m looking every day for the good things about it.  The apple tree in the front yard that have given the boys limitless hours of apple-throwing entertainment.  The brand new windows.  The “smallness” (less to clean).  The very, very bright stars at night, because we live on a hill and out of the reach of the town’s lights.  The feeling of being in a treehouse when I look out the windows from our bed in the morning. Unlike a marriage, we probably won’t be here forever, but the time we spend here will be good.

So I’ve begun a happy turn-around, truly.  I have had moments of turn-around, but I think this time it is for good. (And now that it is in writing, I can’t take it back!)  And it’s not only about the house, but it is about other aspects, too.  About my time-management.  About my friends (I know, I’ve neglected you horribly, haven’t I?!)  About organization.  About my little etsy business, which I have seriously put on the back burner, but about which I have such a fun idea, one that I have been sitting on for years, one that I really, really want to act on, and soon.  About my adorable boys and amazing husband who deserve a clean house, a resting place, a good meal every evening, right away. So today begins a new chapter.  It’s 10:38 am, so I’m going to wrap this up, and since the kids are at Grammy’s today, I’m going to finish painting the kitchen, clean like a mad-woman, and then plan a decent dinner for this evening.  Oy, I’ve got to get busy.

And you will hear more from me!  I miss regular blogging!

Let the painting commence.  This house is going to be awesome.