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Realized I hadn’t posted a picture of our chalkboard “after” yet.  It has been a rousing success…I love it!  And I’m hoping that the announcement in the middle will get my dear husbands attention tomorrow morning *hint hint!*

Also realized that I didn’t tell you how I put this together.  I purchased Rust-Oleum magnetic primer and chalkboard paint at either Home Depot or Lowes-I can’t remember which.  Those two blur together in my head.  It was probably about 30 bucks for the 2 cans, but I’ll be able to do many projects with both.  Well worth the money.  You can also get the chalkboard tinted in a few other colors-I just preferred black.

And if you want to go the make-your-own way, I’ve done that too.  It’s just for the chalkboard paint though, and is posted here.