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After warnings of 50 mph winds, the gales reached about…zero.  Thank You Jesus!  Other than a good soaking, everything was A-OK.

In other news, after I decided to be a Much Better Blogger this week, my little rascally Jack worked some kind of operation on our computer rendering the mouse and keyboard useless.  So here I am at mom and dads, typing out what I can.  And I bought my camera and downloader cord, but of course it isn’t working, so all of my grand plans of pumping out posts with pictures whilst the kids are snoozing come to a big fat zero.  I try, I try!

I do, however, have a couple of pictures from earlier in the week that dear Deb sent.  Let me tell you how the G’s came to the rescue!  Erick had to be gone overnight on Thursday at an Apple Conference (at the Hilton Garden Inn, in which he was served, amongst other things, a full lobster and clam dinner; and in which he said he was severely under dressed).  Those Mac people-they do things up right!  Anyhow, I was not looking forward to 2 days and a night without my hubby.  So enter the G family!  We spent a lovely Thursday afternoon at Manson Park.  Although I had only been to the middle of this bridge before, we decided to cross it all the way and follow this lovely little trail!  It was such a nice surprise. 🙂

After our walk, we went back to the G’s and feasted on lasanga, then…had a sleepover.  I haven’t had a slumber party since high school! After the kids were down and out, us girls talked until the very wee hours of the morning.  Not something moms do for fun much, ya know. 🙂  But it was grand, and in the morning, which turned out to be very fall-like and crisp, we set the kids out to play and bundled under blankets on the deck, sipping our coffee.  MmmHmm.  Much better Thursday and Friday than I had anticipated.

One more thing-my parents are in New Mexico for an undetermined amount of time, keeping vigil by one of my sweet grandmothers who is getting a little closer to heaven every day.  Prayers would be appreciated!

Time to close up shop and read some of your blogs.  The boys are miraculously napping; that doesn’t happen very often anymore.  So off a reading I go!