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Well, after waking up Thursday feeling a little like I wanted to start my own country (on a little Maine Island, of course…I couldn’t stray too far) I decided to cast off all sense of responsibility and head out for the day.  Grammy had the boys, so I struck out early, around 6:30, fighting this-

(rain!  so much rain!)

It tapered off eventually, right around Freeport.  I snapped some tree pics, and bought a crazy green t-shirt on sale at the Gap Outlet (I haven’t purchased any clothing since…since we’ve been saving for a house.  And that’s been a LOOOONG time!)

Down the road I couldn’t resist popping into Maine Cottage for my monthly dose of inspiration.  Gah!  I love it there!  And I had the privilege of talking to Kelly, who is sincerely one of the nicest people you could meet.  Check out this slideshow for a very well put together presentation on fashion and design; Kelly does a great job of narrarating, and the pictures are incredible.  I’ve watched it over and over.

Oh, and I made my first MC purchase *EVER*.  Their pillows were on a great sale, and I literally stared at 3 designs for eons before I shut my eyes and grabbed.  I smiled the rest of the day, just looking at the passenger seat and staring at my new pretty!

(I bought the square)

*Someday*, Lord willing, our monthly income will actually far exceed the price of a Maine Cottage couch (right now it’s actually less), and I’ll be able to outfit a room.  Or two or three.

Onwards and upwards; I took 88 to Route 1, then hopped on 9 after Portland.  I checked out the the map and decided to visit Biddeford Pool.  I’d never been, and was greeted with this.  All to myself. Where WAS everyone?

Onto Goose Rocks Beach…it was a little more populated (4 people).  I loved the kid.  He was quintessential water baby…playing with the gulls and throwing rocks.

The one below is one of my favs. A little color intermingled with the dune grass.

Goose Rocks was a lovely little community.  They both were, really, but GR was my favorite.  The only thing that makes me kind of sad are all the new houses.  The summer houses.  The money. While really beautiful, give me an old salty 100 year old shingle cottage any day.

Snapped these pics between Goose Rocks and Kennebunkport.  I feel so touristy pulling off the side of the road to take pics.  Feel a bit foolish, really.  And forget snapping photos of the houses I love; I feel like I’d need to be carrying around an “I’m a professional photographer” card before I go and do that.  Sorry for all of the “feels” I inserted. Too tired to come up with anything more creative than that. 🙂

There were SO MANY picture opportunities at the site below.  Oh, I could of had some great angles.  But a few pictures in, and the heavens opened up.  HUGE DROPS.  I was soaked before I got into the car, just a few feet away!

There was a great stone fence, and sheep, and the salt marshes…ooohhhh.  Blasted Rain!

Onto Kennebunkport and sunny skies, where I visited my favorite shop (Lavender Creek), a fantastic art Gallery (Maine Art) where they had some awesome Philip Frey originals, and the Port Bakery where I feasted on a orange cranberry scone and a marzipan chocolate for lunch.  I love being an adult!

Kennebunk was next; I actually got a bit lost (it was more like, “oh there goes my road!  oh, there goes my other road!  oh no, where do I turn around?”) but I eventually ended up on this little gem.  What a place to end up!  It was very unbusy, so I stopped the car for a couple seconds and snapped the pictures out the window.

It actually led me right back onto Route 1, just down from my intended destination!  Wallingford Farms.  Where-in I purchased an amazing loaf of pumpkin bread for the boys back home.

And last but not least, I had to stop at Old House Parts.  It’s way above my price range, but definitely has some awesome goodies.

After that, I hopped back on 95 and headed home to my lovelies.  Pulled in a little after 5…not bad for a day full of adventure. 🙂  Who needs responsibility anyway? 😉