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And oh what a friend she has become!   It’s one sided, of course, because she passed away when I was all of 11 years old.  But her books live on, and I am loving getting to know this lady through her work.

Her name is Louise Dickinson Rich. I was introduced to We Took to the Woods a year or two ago, and was instantly smitten with her writing style.  The book was an autobiographical work of her life in the Maine Woods with her husband and son, written while she lived there and before she left.  It’s not just for Mainers; I think anyone would enjoy it!

I also finished this book this morning…

(isn’t that cover wonderful? minus the coffee stains, of course!)  I picked it up at Goodwill for 4 dollars (Four Dollars! At Goodwill!  I about croaked! But was willing to buy it because of the author).  It was a SUPER decision.  She writes about the history of the Maine coast, then takes you on a tour from the southern tip to the northernmost coast.  One paragraph sums up my feeling of Maine, like it does for so many others (on speaking of the bridge that connects New Hampshire and Maine):

“About midway along it on one of the uprights is a plaque marking the state line, and I for one always begin to feel wonderful the minute I’ve passed that marker.  The air starts smelling better, and the trees across the river on Maine soil look greener.  When I come off the end of the bridge, I always think, “There! Now at last I’m in Maine!” and everything is suddenly brighter, even on a foggy day.  Maine has that effect on her partisans.”

I am in love with so many states, but I feel just the way Louise does.  It makes my heart sing to drive into my adopted home.

Funny thing; the book is a revised edition and was published in 1954.  On her tour, she mentions Freeport, but claims that its main industry is crabmeat packing.  I laughed out load, because today Freeport is a mecca of outlet shopping and is the site of the LL Bean Flagship store. It’s one hoppin’ place!

Oh, I could go on and on, but Mainer or not, I think you might just fall in love with this author.