Will I ever have a final ‘after’ for you?  Maybe. 🙂  But here’s our progress…(almost) all the way painted.  Shelves up.  Still need to paint the window trim and get new switchplates. 4 cabinets left to buy, and an island to build.  And I have a PLETHORA of white and cream dishes/bowls/mugs that I want to stack on my shelves, but which are MIA, somewhere in the basement.  I think I’ll put another shelf up near my chalkboard wall to hold all of my colorful dishes (many of which are MIA also).


Not quite done, but here we are (different angle, obviously. Just empty space and a fridge to the right of the stove):

and…I just painted the floor!  I’m thrilled with it.  We’ve spent the last couple of nights at my parents waiting for it to dry.  It’s still a bit tacky so we are treading lightly, and our kitchen paraphernalia (including fridge) is in our living room at this point.  Fun stuff.

So anyway…need those new cabinets, island, white dishes…oh, and I see some hardware missing too.  And gotta take care of the bottom of those cabinets. AND new built-in seating and a table to go.  Whew.  We’ll get there eventually. 🙂