But we’ll get to the couch story in a minute. 🙂

(Oh, and by the way-I’ve been so busy this week already that I haven’t had time to reply to comments! Thanks for the kitchen love-it’s still nowhere near what I want it to be, but your encouragement helps!)

Onto the the current topic.  This is my latest effort in decorating our walls.

Couple of canvases, paint from my valspar paint samples, and 5X7’s of the boys.

I think it came to about 5 bucks per painting, because I bought the canvases at 50% off.

Onto the couch story!  About 10 years ago, my parents purchased this couch.  Lovely effort for the time.  About 8 1/2 years ago, Erick and I moved to Virginia, and while searching for a couch, we came across the very same one for about $200 bucks at a furniture sale, so we snatched it up because it went well with our decor at the time, reminded us of home, and was a durn good price!  But by the time we were ready to move back, we willingly sold it.  Time to move on from the green monster. Alas, we moved in with mom and dad while job searching…back to the same couch.  After 3 years (THREE YEARS!) of living with my parents, once we bought our house, mom and dad were more than willing to unload their green monster, so we are now in possession again (and truly are grateful for anything to sit on at the moment!).  Ha.  Does anyone else have a piece of furniture that you would love to get rid of, but seems to stick to you like glue?