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It’s only Wednesday, yet I have quite a few posts up my sleeve from all of the little adventures we’ve been on this week.  Corn Maze, Belfast, picnic in Castine, leaf peeping-I think I might actually sum my days up in a picture post.  But today; this is what we love about small town life in Maine.  Mom and I hit Route 1 then detoured to Castine (I LOVE that area; it’s like a whole other world;so gloriously different yet the same; so beautiful…encompasses Blue Hill and Deer Isle and Stonington, etc)  Anyway, we popped into the General Store in Orland, and were greeted with a downeast “hello deahs” from an old fisherman who was waiting for his lunch.  We browsed a  bit then decided on a bag of chips, but unwittingly walked behind the cash register area.  The lady who worked at the shop came out and said “Well you could of rung yourself up!”  Just simple, friendly, small town life.  Nevah Bettah.