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We finally attended our first Corn Maze, after many years of good intentions!  We joined friends we haven’t seen in way too long and had a wonderful time.  There were many things for the kidlets to do besides the maze…a good ol’ rubber ducky race, a “corn box” (instead of a sand box), a hayride, bicycle races.  It was a well-spent afternoon, even though we got completely lost in the maze. Seriously…we had to give up and cut through the cornstalks!  Talk about hilarious! But when you are outnumbered (7 very active children to 6 adults) it’s easy to get turned around.  Our Army Lieutenant leader bullied on after the rest of us gave up and made it out about 20 minutes later.  Anyway, here are some picture highlights…my favorite is the very last one-Jack is trying to retrieve a rubber ducky (he was successful…he’s quite determined).