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Let me tell you; I think I pick paint colors for their names.  Or I wish I could, all the time.   So far we’ve used Sea Spray Blue (kitchen floor), Mountain Air, and our latest is Indulgent Mocha.  I think that’s my favorite. 🙂

I perked up a bit last night, and prepped some for painting while Erick started to paint a new wall.  I’m thinking I’m liking it!  We have  a blue and brown theme going on now in the living room.  You know what my favorite part of the evening was though?  We had the tube on and were watching the World Series.  We’re Red Sox fans around this place, and didn’t really even have any interest in watching the WS, but it just happened to be on…

When the Phillies won, my heart was so light.  Truthfully, I couldn’t of cared less who did win, but seeing the celebration and the pure joy exuding from those players made me so happy.  Good ol’ American Pastime.

I’m off to get a haircut today…my first in OVER A YEAR!  Wish me luck, folks!