Well, I was completely prepared to blog all about Jack’s Birthday on November 1st.  But my computer requires updates, is not cooperating, will not post pictures, and what is a birthday post without pictures?  So we’ll have Daddy come work his magic on the pc this evening and then get to that post later…

In the meantime, I am taking mini-van suggestions.  You cannot BELIEVE how much I would love to have a mini-van; I’m definetily not a hip mama that will turn her nose up them.  🙂  Erick’s even on board for one.  I’m so tired of squishing into our little sedan (although I am completely grateful to have a paid-for car!).  And my word; it breaks my heart to pass up yard sales all in the name of not-enough-room to haul home loot.  We went to our favorite antiques store last week, and I seriously could have come away with 4 desperately needed pieces of furniture for about $70 (!)…but no room to truck it home!  Arghhhh!  Oh, and the feeling of having a second car in the driveway would be so freeing.  It’s not fun to be stuck at home while Erick is at work; not that I’d be gone everyday, but just knowing that I could go if I wanted would be super cool. Anyway, it’s a pipe dream right now-we can’t afford to go into debt, and we don’t have enough money to outright buy.  But it IS fun to look around.  So dish; anyone have a big ol’ vehicle that they love?