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In my parent’s basement, no less!  I love everything below, especially because they are straight from my grandparent’s farm.  Personal nostalgia.  And I have a big favor to ask about the last sign!

Isn’t this a great sign?  Family owned; quite a claim to fame, an underground golf course.  I’m too young to remember it though.  But the sign is super.  I love the color, and it’s in really great condition.

My mom actually made this sign; my grandparents had a Pecan Grove (and kept honeybees, and pheasants…talk about unique for good ol’ Portales!)  I snagged this sign when my grandmother had to sell the farm.  I’m so glad I did.

So these aren’t really signs, but I love the tags and bottles.  It’s honey from the farm, straight from 1989. Another thing I’m very glad we have.  We also have pecans from the orchard.

My grandmother’s family owned a Feed Store, and when my dad was taking apart a picture frame to clean it up, he came across this cardboard in the back of the frame.  What a great find!  And OLD!  That feed store hasn’t been around for a long time.

Gotta say…this one is my favorite.  My grandfather used to own a ranch; significantly before my time.  It’s hard to see, but it says “Where quality reigns, Schumpert Hereford ranch”.  There are also some words at the bottom (you might be able to see the Hereford).  Anyway, this is where You come in.  I love the patina, but I am also seriously considering restoring it.  Painting it to where you can very easily make out the words.  But would that be crazy?  It will hopefully hang on a wall in our house.  So paint, or leave it be?  What would you do?