My grandmother passed away on Monday.  We were  fully expecting it; have been for quite awhile, actually.  But God decided he’d give my grandparents something to talk about in Heaven!  Grandma died exactly 5 years later, practically to the minute, that her sweet cowboy did back in 2003.  November 17th will be a day to remember!  And not sorrowfully, exactly; while we are sad that she is gone from us, it literally brings me to tears of joy realizing that Grandma has seen Jesus!

The picture above is from their 50th anniversary back in 1987.  I am so overjoyed that I have grandparents on both sides of the family who have given us such a  Godly heritage.  There is no greater gift to pass along; I pray that Erick and I can be such amazing examples for our grandkids someday!