Ok, here is my Christmas Wish list.

I would like a Gift Certificate to French General.  A large gift certificate. 🙂  Not that I’m greedy or anything…

Here are a few things that peak my interest;

This is the ultimate.  I’m crazy about the fisherman and his wife.

Yep, I’d carry this tote anywhere:

And a little olfactory goodness:

Oh, but I’m saving the best for last.  Kaari is organizing a trip to France…a stay in a Chateau/textile workshop/all meals prepared/flea market visiting trip…I know a mother/daughter duo who would like to sign up!


In reality, Erick and I are buying each other the utterly romantic gift of a…………TOOL this Christmas.  Either a nail gun or a chop saw.  Yipee!  But you know what?  It’s gonna go a long way in getting our house finished, so I’m totally ok with that.  While “things” are nice, we tend to get overrun (although dreaming doesn’t hurt!)  And that’s not what Christmas is all about anyway, is it?  Family is what matters.  Christ is what matters.  And that is more than enough for me.  🙂

Happy Friday!!