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8-14 inches expected today!  Good grief.  It’s really ok (seeing as though it IS winter); but we are missing out on our second Sunday at church, and I adore going to our little church. So boo on the snow for today.

Since I’ve had a bit of free time this morning, I’ve been doing a little online browsing; ran across a great article on Forbes about the CPSIA disaster.  Good reading.  I was a bit disheartened to learn that resell shops still aren’t truly exempt, and to learn that there are a few people out there that are, um…do I have words for people like this?

Yet prominent consumer groups have continued to defend even the law’s more extreme applications, and their spokespersons are dismissive of public outrage. “I haven’t heard a single legitimate concern yet,” Public Citizen’s David Arkush wrote last month.

Obviously Mr. Arkush, and those that are like minded, are…are…see?  No words!

I suppose my big concern is that if this law is passed (oh wait! It already was!) that we’ll move quickly from “so-called-protecting” our children to even more heavy-handed regulation.  Why not “protect” everyone?  Let the government take over everything!  No more small business, no more handmade…give an inch and they’ll take a mile.

Ok, enough of that for me this morning; I’m going to take my as-of-late life verse seriously and turn my mind to better things! I wrote it on my wall last week, and I think I’ll keep it up there for the time being:


I promise to be a bit more positive in my next post. 😉 But truly, if you haven’t taken action yet, click on the handmade link in my sidebar; let’s do what we can!