We spent the last 2 days relatively unmotivated, but did get in some good paper airplane races and other indoor kid fun.  Today, however, it warmed right up (to, what, 16 degrees or something?) so we donned the winter gear and headed outside for sledding, snow angles, snowball fights and some general rowdiness.  Luckily I was in control of the camera so didn’t get too wet and miserable…

(here comes the incredible flying daddy!)

I came in a bit early to prepare the hot cocoa.  It was definitely needed; my fingers and nose were frozen!  But it was oh-so-worth it!

The only downside to today was that immediately after Erick finished snow-blowing our driveway, some inner-workings of the big machine went kaput (again).  So here’s hoping we don’t have another big storm on the way anytime soon.  I think we can live with the white stuff we have right now!