It’s 6:43 am, and I’m trying something new, which I hope can become a habit.  Although Jack was up around 5:15, he blessedly fell asleep again 20 minutes ago, so I stealthily snuck into the living room to begin my post.

In a perfect world, I’ ve decided, the boys would be asleep by 7pm, sleep in until at least 7 am, and then take a 2 hour nap from 1-3.  It’s not that I want them “out of the way”…it’s that I want to fully be there for them when they are awake.

I love blogging.  I adore reading the scads of blogs that I come across.  Email is a great way to communicate; facebook is fun; paying bills online is so easy!  However, I don’t want my kids to remember me as a good mom, but whose face was always stuck in the computer.  The glorious thing about their ages right now is that they do play together well.  I don’t have to be there, by their side, every minute.  But at the same time, even when they are occupied, I feel incredibly guilty getting my business done on the pc.  I don’t have a problem tidying up a bit, or maybe even reading a book, but doing “techy” things bothers me when they are about.

I was always an “early morning” person until I had kids, but that has flown right out the window.  In order to blog in the morning, most mornings I’d have to wake up at 4am to do it alone!  Today is a great exception, and I’m hoping that I’ll have more time like this.  I don’t do well on the computer after the boys go to bed.  By that time, I’m fairly giddy with the thought of sinking into bed and piling the covers over my head.  And naps are exceptionally irregular around the homestead anymore, so doing anything in the afternoon is usually out.

We had some friends over yesterday; the boys played so hard that as soon as they left, Jack konked right out on the couch.  Erick was due home in an hour or so.  I had plans to clean up the mess and get dinner started…but I picked up my baby boy, let him sleep on my shoulder, pulled Ryan over next to me, and we watched some silly cartoon together.  Time is fleeting!  I want to treasure these moments.  Be there for my boys.  I have so many plans; plans to start up on Etsy again; blogs out the wazoo that I want to post.  But I’m hoping for a way to work those plans around my kids; not work the kids around my plans.  Therefore, while I figure these things out, I might be MIA with the posts and comments for a bit.  Hopefully not!

I hear a little boy; time to go, and I’ll visit with you again asap!